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  •  20/03/2013 17:23
     NAME: clair and dave
     MESSAGE: we eat here most weeks-staff are fantastic-nothing too much trouble-food is amazing-see you all friday !!

  •  17/03/2013 12:20
     NAME: Clare Platt
     MESSAGE: Myself and my friends came into your lovely restaurant.It is stunning! Staff are really nice. The food is absolutley delicious,time is taken when preparing these dishes,because by far it is definatley the tastiest chicken balti i have ever eaten!! Thankyou very much!!

  •  18/01/2013 16:40
     NAME: Tina Brevitt
     MESSAGE: India Red is such a lovely Restaurant and Takeaway. Very polite helpful Staff, Great Food, Lots of Vegetarian Dishes and very Reasonable to eat in or take away. Also Takeaway deliveries are always quick and very honest delivery times. We have used India Red for 10 years!

  •  01/01/2013 23:10
     NAME: Dave Thawley
     MESSAGE: I've just had my first home delivery from India Red - Goa King Prawn. Absolutely fab. Best food I've had for ages, thanks a lot.

  •  27/11/2012 17:36
     NAME: Jenny
     MESSAGE: I just wanted to say a big thank you, for the great service & the brilliant food! I always recommend India Red, as the food is excellent & the staff are fantastic!

  •  03/05/2012 11:35
     NAME: Gary Wilkins
     MESSAGE: Just to say, we had a great night at India Red on Wednwsday. Food was excellent and sevice too. Big thanks for the birthday cake for my son's girlfiend. We all enjoyed the evening. Regards Gary Wilkins

  •  21/04/2012 13:54
     NAME: Bill
     MESSAGE: Coning here tonight, herd so many great things about this place, cant wait!

  •  19/04/2012 18:40
     NAME: Holly Maitland
     MESSAGE: Fantastic food and friendly staff, it just keeps getting better and better!

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  • Got to try this place, the food is fantastic. Totally recommended!
    Alan Lowbridge
  • Great food, great people...
    Tom Wasinsky
  • Thank you for making our party so special. We all have a great time.
    Jayne Hollinshead


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